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Sound off for Dec. 28
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The following statements are from anonymous phone calls. They do not represent the opinion of the Courier.


I’m a grandparent. My kids went to school in Hinesville so I know from experience the school system does not have enough activities to keep all students occupied. As for sports, it is my understanding a student must maintain a certain grade average to participate. Not all students are capable of maintaining that grade. Slow learners get special education. What about students that are too smart for special education but not smart enough to make the team? They count too, you know.
The city of Hinesville has defined family. Now the trick is to enforce this ordinance. I suggest they get a calculator and a portable DNA test kit.
I would like to thank Inez for saving my grandbaby in the pool when we was in Florida from drowning. I want to thank you so much. Thank you.
To all that are curious, no I am not engaged nor am I married. When I decide to do one or the other, you can read it about it here in the Coastal Courier. The woman I am dating did not break up my marriage. I met her two months after my divorce. So there’s the story.
In the year 2525, wouldn’t it be neat if Frank Cochran were complete?
Guess who is the best friend to the terrorists who want to kill Americans. Answer? The Democrats in Congress.
Bah humbug

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