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Sound off for Jan. 13
Anonymous call
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The following statements were phoned in anonymously. They do not represent opinions of the Courier. And the Courier does not vouch for their veracity.


I thought the Liberty County Planning Commission was supposed to be advisory rather than dictatorial. Midway, go ahead and do your annex and put in the well.
I was just wondering what grade do the children in Liberty County start using computers? Just wondering.
The voters say they want change. Be careful what you ask for. The last time they wanted change, we got Jimmy Carter.
To the bus driver that is always so rude and nasty, just remember, somebody is driving your little darling and I hope and pray to God they treat your child a whole lot better than you are treating my child.
This is in response to (columnist) Rich Lowry and his comments on the curse of Clintonism. How about the curse of Reaganism? Let’s don’t forget that. Remember voodoo economics and selling arms to the enemy?
It was nice to see Rep. (Al) Williams received another award. And I think he’s a good man. But I still have one lingering questions. Has he got his tax bills paid yet?
To those of you who play loud booming noise from your homes until the wee hours of the morning, please be considerate of your neighbors. Some of us work six and seven days a week and it’s hard to go to work when you get little sleep. Please be considerate.
So when is the blue-ribbon panel to oversee Liberty Regional Medical Center going to be announced and their names published in the paper?

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