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Sound off for June 18
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The statements below do not reflect the opinions of the Courier. The calls are anonymous so the Courier can not vouch  its veracity.

Liberty County deserves better as far as state representatives goes.  He's finally run into someone he can't out talk. He has been duping people out of money and other things for years.  I don't know how Liberty County even thought about electing this individual. He has mistreated the blacks as well as the whites as far as finances go and the state finally caught up to him. But we still have him representing us, which is criminal. He should be suspended until it is all done.
Our state rep is investigated I guess for stealing really. Because he is not paying what he is supposed to be paying so it is stealing. You should check why he moved to Midway after living in Hinesville for a few years. It's because he was evicted from two or three place and moved back to his mother's house in Midway. And they still elected him.
Our sheriff needs to be real careful about what he says in a public place. I believe he forgets who put him into office and who can vote him out of office. He has a very foul mouth.
This goes to one of the callers. You should of thought of your career before messing with a young child and know you want society to forgive you. I don't think so, I would not want my child within ten feet of you. Because you think it is OK to have sex with a young kid and you have those thoughts. You are sick in the head.
I think the Atlanta Braves need to do something about Bobby Cox. They ain't won but one away game and he keeps sending in all the relief pitchers and that ain't right. Everybody loves Atlanta here in Georgia.

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