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Sound off for Mar. 20
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

The residents of Colonels Island are not being selfish. We pay the second highest taxes in Georgia and highest in Liberty County. We deserve the right to live in a safe and secure community without the pollution, insecurity and safety issues that a public marina would bring into the midst our homes.

Liberty County taxpayers speak up. Wouldn't you rather have an east-end sports/community center with ballparks, pool, gameroom rather than a marina that is not wanted and would benefit and be used by just a few.

I lost my power last night, didn't have any electricity whatsoever. So I called the electric company to report the outage and got to talk to real person instead of a machine. Thank God.

Health insurance prices are going up. Many people have family members dying that can't get health care. We need a president who really cares about the women of this world. You need to really think when you vote.

Please explain, why in the program guide, the TLC channel and the Travel channel are being printed wrong.

I think this is the worse place I've ever been for businesses opening on time. If you say you're going to open at 7, you should be open at 7. They are quick to tell you when it's closing time.

I wish they could put a marina near me. I love the water, but unfortunately I live in Hinesville, and a couple blocks from Peacock Canal.

Well I see why our county taxes are so high. The commissioners will be staying at the King and Prince on St. Simons Island, which is a five-start resort, citizens.

I just checked the prices on the interstate and it's only one cent more than one of the cheaper gas stations in Hinesville. Now, something's wrong with that picture.

Thank you, hospital authority members, for finally laying that drama to rest and letting us know it is all over. Now lets get on with progress and good health care.

I'm sure proud of our governor for voting against selling liquor on Sundays.

Another wreck at Deal Street. We need Frank Cochran completed so it will take the pressure off 196. That's what we've been told. But we still need a red light at Arlington and 196.

I read about the flowers, that we need the flowers and things to grow so we'll be a beautiful country. But what about my friend? They cut down her trees out of her yard and didn't finish. It looks terrible. Does the city permit things when these workers try to do work like this?

Enough is enough. I've lived here 14 years and have seen too many accidents on the corner of Deal Street and E.G. Miles Parkway. Something needs to get done.

To the person that's tired of hearing Dot Moss complain about things in Liberty County, she's pointing out zoning violations, zoning violations, sir, that need to be enforced.

If DNR wants to build a marina on the southeast coast down here, then the state needs to build it, not use taxpayer money here in Liberty County. And the state needs to operate it.

I think Dot Moss is good for Liberty County. It makes people aware of what is going on. Some people live like ostriches with their head in the sand.

I was raised in the '50s when you went to church you wore the best clothes you had. Am I being old fashioned?

I was saddened when I read about the young lady that lost her wallet, but did later have it returned. I was in nearly the same scenario at the IGA in Midway. I left a cart full of groceries, drove 15 miles out to realize I'd left everything. When I returned it was all there. Turn your life over to Christ and nothing will go wrong.

Watching the tape on television with Obama's pastor preaching such hate against white people and America, why does he still have a congregation?

Prediction, if Obama is elected president the keyword will be racist. If Obama is called everything that George Bush was called the person that says anything bad about Obama will automatically be labeled a racist.

Back in the day, being a teacher used to be something worthwhile. But now teachers are sleeping with their students. You see it on the news every so often. Now that profession is not all worthy as it used to be.

I was watching on the news how we're going to bail out all these people who are losing their homes. No one bailed me out when I needed help. Why are we bailing out people who were trying to keep up with the joneses, buying homes that are too big and too much for them to pay for?

A business owner should not complain they are not getting any business if all they do is open only when they want when the hours of operation are clearly posted.

OK, county commissioners, if the DNR wants to put in the ramp down on the coast, let the state do it. Y'all take that $1.5 million and put it in tornado sirens and alarms in Liberty County and Riceboro.

You know, we have a problem with young men walking around here with their pants sagging around their bottoms. But what about the ladies walking around here pregnant, exposing their stomachs and their underwear? Makes the pants seem not that bad.

I do not believe a thing the DNR says. They do not allow a fish-cleaning table on your dock. What idiots. What is chum bait, fish heads? Why not put it back in the river?

Let's face it, the county government won't clean up the county until pushed. We need more people like Dot Moss. Bless her heart.

How about that governor that's gay? He's married, got kids and he's gay. Is that sick or what. Makes you wonder how many men around her are gay.

Oh come on guys. If the DNR is apparently pushing for a marina, I've got some ocean-front property in Arizona to sell y'all.

I was always taught that our free-enterprise system of doing business is what made the U.S. the greatest country in the world. Liberty County should not build a marina to compete with a private one that is just five minutes away.

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