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Sound off for May 11
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

To the person with issues about grandparents raising grandchildren: When I was growing up in the '50-60s my grandparents played an important role in my life. Say what you want, but I am proud to stand behind my sons. Not to raise their babies, but to assist anyway I can. Would you rather I let your tax dollars pay for all that I do? I think not!

This is to the teacher that just up and leaves during the school year. It may only be a pre-K class but did stop to think about those children? You only thought about yourself. I hope you can sleep at night. Liberty County, if that is the type of teachers you hire. My children are going to a private school

Well, we now know how Liberty County is paying the $1.54 million for a piece of waterfront property. Our assessments went up from anywhere from 40 percent to over 200 percent. Mine increased 233 percent from last year. And all this for a stupid marine we don't need.

I read in Sound off where some realtor was taking down signs. That's just terrible and disgusting. You don't take down other people's signs.

Jimmy Darsey raised some legitimate concerns in his letter about the chairman appointing Russ Toal to the blue ribbon panel looking into the hospital authority. Is the chairman going to do anything about it?

Do not be fooled by these real estate agents that say this is a great time right now. You need to rent. We're in recession. The price of everything is going up.

The fair in Hinesville is just a rip off. Everyone is rude and uses foul language.

To the caller who says the Democrats can raise the dead to vote. The thing is we already have a dead president.

My visited from Jesup last week and after driving down Azalea Street, the first thing he said was how did you let the city build a Taco Bell in your living room.

What happened to the Kingdom Kids for the younger kids at the YMCA? They have it for the teens, but not the younger ones.

Speaking of the properties at Lake George, we could have a beautiful place if some people took more pride.

Why aren't law enforcement officers made to drive personal cars to and from work, just like the read of us: And why on earth do the state patrol go home at midnight, precisely when the criminals come out. America, the incarceration nation.

I read your recent article about the Warrior Transition Battalion on Fort Stewart. However, only about five percent of those soldiers in the WTB are actually wounded combat veterans. The other 95 percent are simply trying to get out of the Army.

It sure would be nice to know who those two unidentified postal employees were in that picture Friday. Sort of rooky-ish to take a picture and not identify the people in it.

This is concerning the picture on page 5A of Friday's paper, the mayor along with four other people. What is wrong? Nobody is smiling. Come on, guys, whether you like it or not, put a smile on your face.

OK, Liberty County taxpayers, it's time to get rid of those lying county commissioners. They lied about the marina.

As a resident of Liberty County, Ga., I feel the laws of the city and county should be enforced on everyone by the zoning as required, not for certain people because of who they are or who they work for.

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