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Sound off for Oct. 19
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously so we don't know if they are true, nor what motivated the callers:


Lets bring the troops home. I've got a feeling al Qaeda winning is the downfall of our economy.

I live in the Lake George area and my cable vision has been off for nine hours. I call Comcast and all they want is my Social Security number. All I want to know is how long the cable's going to be out. I'm not giving my Social Security number over the phone.

To the person voting Democrat, who do you think for two years has been running this country and who do you think wanted earmarks in the bailout to other people rather than just taking care of the problem? It's the Democrats.

Talk about money and Social Security, vote Democrat and you will see a big change more so of losing money and losing Social Security. They don't pay Social Security. They won't receive it. They get money after they retire after two terms.

No matter who is elected president in November, no one on Earth is capable of fixing the mess the greedy individuals of this nation have created; people wanting more than they could afford, other people telling people they could afford whatever they wanted.

Although Liberty County school system has $38.6 million in reserve, children at Midway Middle are not allowed to bring their science books home to study and review. This is appalling. Why are our students failing? Because they are not allowed to use the tools they need.

If I had to sum up the Liberty and Long county tax assessor offices in one sentence it would be this: Class action lawsuit.

I see where the chairman of the county commission seconded a motion at a commission meeting. While that may not be illegal, it is definitely unethical.

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