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Sound off for Oct. 3
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The comments were phoned in anonymously, so we do not know the source, nor what may have motivated them. We also do not vouch for the statements' veracity:


Today's my birthday. I had a great birthday. Both of my church secretaries made sure I had cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And my sister called me.

I agree with the caller who said Gov. Palin came here to give life. I agree with her, especially to her underage daughter.

How could law enforcement enforce text messaging laws when they do it themselves when they are driving? We need to enforce it. Get their car number and turn them in.

I will not vote for the one-cent sales tax when the county commissioners when in debt for a marina that no one wants for over a hundred million dollars.

Well, I found out who did the paving at Handy Land Exxon. I sure wish they would come back and finish it so I don't fall down in another pothole.

Thank you, LCHS administrators, for ruining our senior year.

Bradwell students wear logos on their clothes and they are out of dress code, but they still get dress down days. Liberty County students follow the rules and what do they get? Nothing.

Won't somebody please, please, please put a Starbucks in Hinesville? I'm so tired of having to go to Savannah to get a decent cup of coffee.

It's a shame E.G. Miles Parkway/196 is in the condition it is in, potholes for miles. I hate to see a visitor come to Hinesville and see the condition of this road when it was just repaired a year ago.

Will Winn Army Hospital be giving flu shots this year, or will it be excessively time consuming to get them again?

Your biased paper can give a shout out about a Mark Floyd supporter's driving ability, but not a word about Sheriff Martin's driving ability and his wrecks. Your biased paper strikes again.

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