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Sound off for Oct. 5
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The comments were phoned in anonymously so we don't know if they are true and do not know what motivated the callers.

This is to the pedestrians and bicyclists out at night. You need to wear bright colored clothes, not dark, so motorists can see you.

Attention military community, wake up. Our Constitution is hanging by a thread.  We are reeling toward socialism. This bailout must be stopped. Call your legislators. This is the worst monstrosity of economic malpractice in the history of America.

So the county is reporting a deficit now. Well maybe that one million dollar land deal they went for shouldn't have been done in the first place. Two, maybe if they didn't go to Jekyll and St. Simons for retreats we would still have money in the county budget. Quit wasting our tax dollar on pork barrel projects.

It’s sad when the rich and middle class can get bailouts and the poor, low-income people can’t get no help.

Just a small shout out to Mr. Martin. If you want to stay in office, you may want to rein in your supporters. There is more than one in Sunbury who have no knowledge of speed limits or laws of the road.

I think it’s about time we do a demonstration around Liberty Regional Medical Center for not letting us use our own doctor, Dr. Glen Carter. He’s always there and ready to help us. He should be on staff.

I don’t think we should bailout companies. They messed up so let them lay in their bed. They need to go to the core and get the real estate agents that started this.

These mail-in ballots and you don’t have to have ID, does that mean you can send in your dead relative’s ballot and then go vote yourself? Everyone should have to show proof they are a voter.

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