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Sound off for Sept. 14
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Here are a few comments from area residents about what they are thinking. The calls were phoned in anonymously, so we do not vouch for the veracity and do not what motive prompted the call.


In response to all those who laugh and jeer that Sen. Obama was a community organizer, may I remind you that Jesus was a community organizer and Pilot was a governor.

I’m calling about the curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. in North Gate. The management and police were out here tonight, making sure everyone was in their homes. They were talking about known drug dealers. If they know they are known drug dealers, why don’t they put them in jail and quit harassing tenants.

The price of oil is down. On 12 Sept. at 04:30 it was $3.69 per gallon of gas in Ludowici. At 04:40 price of gas, $3.89 in Hinesville. Is this GI pricing, or what?

Our soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan defending our America and our Constitution against terrorism, while our presidential candidates are discussing lipstick. How pathetic.

What in the world is happening to gasoline prices. One day it’s dropping down near $3.50 and the next morning it’s 30 cents more. What did the oil executives lose at poker last night?

It’s pretty pathetic that the storm hasn’t even hit land in Texas and there are some gas stations here in Hinesville that are already raising prices over $4. ELected officials need to look into this gouging before anything even happens.

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