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Transplant costs prompts calls for help
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Abby Denise Moore, 31, needs a kidney.
Moore, who lives in Hinesville, has two autistic children, daughter A’Miya, 7, and son Malachi, 4.
“Have you ever faced a serious chronic illness? Have you ever become overwhelmed by the restrictive costs to treat your illness? Have you ever had to rely on your family and friends to make a difference on your behalf? I am facing all of these conditions at once, and I need your help,” Moore said.
“My doctor informed me that that I need a kidney transplant. The Georgia Regents Kidney Transplant Program explained to me that the costs associated with transplant are extremely high. My insurance will help pay for some, but not all of the costs for surgery and medications needed to keep my new organ,” she said. “Medicare will only pay 80 percent of immunosuppressant medication expenses, leaving me with paying for the rest. This may not sound like much, but the cost of only three of the medications needed after the transplant is about $1,800 per month. The 20 percent I will have to pay will be around $300 a month,.”
Although Moore is a potential transplant candidate, before she can finish her medical testing and receive a kidney, she must raise $10,000. The money will pay for medications and other medical expenses for six months following her transplant.
She now is too ill to work, but Moore previously was a contract medical-support assistant at Winn Army Community Hospital’s off-post clinic in Hinesville. Her contract ended in August, and her medical issues have prevented her from finding another job.
“Unless you are faced with a chronic or life-threatening illness, it is difficult to understand the financial burden. Fundraisers and donations help to ease these burdens. Please help support me in raising the funds that will bring me a step closer to a transplant and fulfilling my dream of living a longer, healthier life,” Moore said.
She is a member of the St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville, where the Rev. Dr. Alvin L. Jackson is pastor. The church is helping Moore raise the $10,000.
In a letter to local churches, Jackson said he believes the task is achievable.
“We have established a goal to raise this money by the first Sunday in May (May 5). We are asking friends and family to support in this special need,” Jackson said.
Churches, organizations, businesses and individuals can make donations payable to St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church and mail them to 48 Elim Road, Hinesville, GA 31313. Write “Abby Moore’s transplant fund” in the memo field.
For more information, call Jackson at 876-5276 or 977-5106.
“Thank you in advance for your donation and for supporting me in this life saving campaign,” Moore said.

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