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10 signs your husband is happily married
Noticing the signs that show your husbands love for you can be rewarding. Start looking for and enjoying these tell-tale signs. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Wives want their husbands to be happily-forever-in-love with them. Nothing brings a greater feeling of peace and joy than knowing the man you married loves you as much or more than he did the day you said your wedding vows. Here are a few signs to assure you its happening in your marriage.

1. He looks at you with an adoring gaze.

He cant help it. He thinks youre beautiful and looking at you still rings his bell. Watch him out of the corner of your eye sometime, when you dont think he sees you looking, and youll be surprised at the happy expression on his faceone that says, Im so lucky to be married to this beautiful woman. Recently I was looking at old photos of my parents and saw a snapshot of my dad looking at my mother. She was looking forward and laughing at something. He, instead, was looking at her with an adoring expression that said, I love this woman! Theirs was a true love story. Thankfully, someone caught that look on camera.

2. Hes generous with his kisses.

He cant resist kissing you. Its one of the first things he does when he comes home from work. These are not the obligatory kind. Oh, no. These kisses come from his very heart and are filled with passion. He loves planting his lips right onto yours and letting them linger. The lingering is an indicator that hes enjoying the kissing. You will be wise to enjoy them back and encourage the lingering.

3. He tells you he loves you.

Hes the kind of guy who is not afraid to say the words. He says them when he kisses you, when hes worried about you, when hes proud of you, when hes on a date with you. He wants you to know he loves you, and he doesnt hold back saying the words. Say them back. Or beat him to it whenever you can. Its a mutual exchange of your tenderest feelings.

4. He smiles when he sees you.

His face reveals the truth. He cant help but smile because he feels happy when hes with you. When a guy comes home from a hard days work, nothing is more comforting that seeing his wife and being with her once again. It makes him happy. Smiles are a dead give away that hes happy.

5. He holds your hand.

When youre walking together, he automatically reaches for your hand. He does that because it feels good to touch you, to be with you. Men find pleasure in holding their sweethearts hand. It feels good. It feels safe. It feels like their love will never end. Dont be afraid to initiate a little hand holding yourself. He needs that reassurance as much as you. It just feels good to hold the hand of the one you love.

6. He hugs you when youre feeling sad.

When youre feeling down about something, it feels so good to have your honey take you in his arms and hold you. It makes all the world feel better. If he doesnt know youre feeling low say, Honey, I could really use a hug right now. Then enjoy those strong arms wrapped around you. Put your head on his chest and hear the beat of his heart. It might be speeding up a bit, just because youre in his arms. Thats a good kind of heart palpitation.

7. He likes to spoil you.

Its fun for a man to give things to his wife. He wants to make her life happy. Putting a smile on her face with a surprise gift now and then will put one on his face, too. Accept his gifts, even if theyre not exactly what you would choose. Be grateful you have a man who cares enough to buy a gift. Dont measure it, treasure it.

8. He compliments you.

When he says you look pretty, he means it. Be gracious in accepting his compliments. If he says you look beautiful in an outfit, dont you dare say, You mean this old thing? Are you serious? Thank him and take it as a sign that he loves you and genuinely thinks you look pretty. If he thanks you for cooking dinner, smile and say, Im so glad you enjoyed it. Return his compliments with your kindness. Thats what love does.

9. He shares his joys and sorrows with you.

This is a genuine show of love on his part. He cant possibly do this with someone he doesnt love and feel safe with. Listen to him. You dont have to make everything all better, but listening without telling him what to do will go a long way toward making that happen. Being open to sharing his thoughts with you means he loves you.

10. He is proud to be with you.

He wants you at his side when hes in social situations. Youre fun to be with and having you there makes the event better than it ever would have been if he were alone. Hes glad youre his wife, and he wants the world to know it.

These signs of love can be cultivated and learned. If they are not automatically happening in your marriage, take note and do your part to help make them happen. It works for both husbands and wives. Marriage is a partnership where we help each other grow in our love.
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