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10 simple gestures that make women feel loved
Are you looking for ways to show the woman in your life you love her? Here are 10 simple gestures that will make her feel loved. - photo by Megan Shauri
Women are a lot less complicated than men make us out to be.

It doesnt take much to make us happy and feel loved. We do not need expensive gifts and lavish romantic getaways to know how much you love us; it is a lot simpler than that.

Here are 10 gestures that can really make a woman feel loved:

1. Hold her hand

When you hold our hand, it shows us how much you love us. It is a simple, yet intimate, gesture that says a lot. It is comforting and is a form of physical contact that we need to feel loved.

Hold our hand while walking, sitting together, or even while we are just standing talking to one another. It is a great way to communicate your love for us.

2. Listen

Taking time to listen to a woman is a perfect way to show her you love her.

Dont try to solve her problems, or interrupt with a story of how something similar happened to you last week, just let her talk. Give her your full attention. Dont be looking at your phone or watching television, you need to listen and respond appropriately.

3. Put on her favorite song

Does she have a favorite song? Or a song that she is really into at the moment? Play it randomly and see how she lights up. It means a lot to know that you not only pay attention to the things she likes, but that you went a step further and are listening to the song with her.

4. Bring home her favorite treat

Women like treats. It may be a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, a diet coke in a styrofoam cup, or a bouquet of flowers. Find out what it is and surprise her with it every once in a while. It shows that you were thinking of her throughout your day in a positive way. She is not just a person to come home to, but rather the love of your life that you want to make happy.

5. Let her pick the movie

When it comes to picking movies, a lot of couples disagree on which one to watch. By letting her pick the movie, it means that you are putting her happiness above your own. It is a great way to show your love for her, and she might even pick something both of you will enjoy instead of just one or the other!

6. Say thank you

For women, little things go a long way. Holding the door open, helping her carry her bags, or saying thank you when she does something for you mean a lot, and are great ways to show her you love her. It is you, taking a moment out of your day, to notice her and show your appreciation for what she does for you.

7. Do the dishes

Whether it is doing the dishes, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming or picking up a room, doing little chores, without being asked, is a great way to show you love her.

While men should be contributing to the housework, at least by putting their clothes away and keeping things tidy, it can easily fall into the habit of having someone, like your spouse, always clean up after you.

Dont take them for granted. Help them out, and every once in a while do something that is not expected like the dishes!

8. Cuddle

Spending time just cuddling with a woman, without any other intentions in mind, really shows her how much you love her. Women like to cuddle; we like to put our head on your chest. We like to spend time just being with you.

Cuddling gives you the chance to talk, to reconnect, and to enjoy each others company.

9. Spend time with the kids

There are things that may not even directly involve the woman in your life that can show your love for her.

When you spend time with your kids, it is a way to show your love for her. Her kids mean the world to her, and by making them happy, you are making her happy.

We love watching you interact with the kids, and want you to spend as much time as possible with them, even if that means less one-on-one time on occasion for you two.

10. Give her a bubble bath

The next time you want to show your wife you love her, draw her a bubble bath. Take the kids for the next hour and let her relax knowing everything is being taken care of. It is not very often we get to spend some time on ourselves, or even time alone, so this is a true luxury.

These little gestures do not take that much time or effort to do, but they can mean a lot. Telling someone you love them is important, but it means even more when you show them.
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