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10 things you always meant to thank your best friend for
I owe you the world. - photo by Emily Brady
Where would we be without our BFF? The one person we go to for everything- advice, good news, gossip, you name it. Through the thick and the thin, they were there. You two have been through a lot together.

Here are 10 things you always meant to thank your best friend for:

1. For loving me during my awkward phases

Whether it was during my pimples and braces phase in junior high, or my bangs and blue highlights in college, you were always there for me, loving me and saying exactly the right thing to help me feel better about myself.

2. For never saying I told you so

Even after ignoring the advice I asked you for in the first place, you never rubbed it in my face. You told me to drop that boy, but I kept running back to him. Then, heartbreak after heartbreak, Id come crying to you. And you were always there for me. Every. Single. Time.

3. For never holding grudges

Everyone knows the two of us fight like an old married couple. But we can quickly move on and laugh about those silly arguments. Weve learned not to take things too seriously, and weve been together long enough that not even the worst kind of fight could get in the way of our friendship.

4. For letting me be selfish

Sometimes I get caught up rambling on about my day and my own problems without stopping to ask how you might be doing. If that ever upset you, you never mentioned it. You let me lay all my problems on your shoulders and never asked for anything in return.

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5. For planning out your life with me

From the time we were children, we planned out our future lives together. We gave names to all of our imaginary husbands and drew our houses- obviously, we were always neighbors. You made the idea of growing up a lot less scary. It even felt exciting, knowing Id have my best friend by my side the whole way.

6. For sharing all of my obsessions

Whether its listening to Train's Christmas albums in July or crying together over the most recent Greys Anatomy drama, you were there with me so I didnt have to do it alone. And were both so invested in these hobbies of ours that we dont even remember which of us introduced it to the other.

7. For letting me drag you along on all those awkward double dates

Whether it was a date I really didnt want to go on, or simply a date I was nervous for, you always let me drag you along- usually with my dates best friend. No matter how awkward the dates ended up being, you and I always made some great memories.

8. For never being jealous

It was hard when we both moved and went our separate ways, but we knew not even distance could get in our way. As we each started establishing our own lives, we made new friends and new memories. But you never felt threatened with my new friendships, which I loved. I never had to feel uncomfortable talking about my new life and new friends because I knew you were happy for me. We both know nothing comes close to us, anyway.

9. For embracing all my strange food cravings through the years that night we made strawberry crepes and garlic bread for dinner, or that time we went to Taco Bell and McDonalds for lunch. You saw the strangest sides of me and never questioned it; you just went right along with me.

10. For being my person

Every time we watch anything with a BFF duo, we decide whos who. Youre the Rachel to my Monica, the Lorelai to my Sookie and the Cristina to my Meredith. Youre my soul sister, and I know youll be there for me no matter what. And Ill always be there for you.

Your best friend has been there for you through all the ups and downs. Let them know how much you appreciate them!
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