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11 reasons to love your husband even more after you've had a baby
Your hubby just gets better once you've had a kid. - photo by Melinda Fox
It's impossible for your relationship not to change after you've had a baby. Your time is different, another person enters your relationship and it's common for women to report feeling negatively towards their husband as an effect of postpartum depression. But with a whole slew of new challenges (many of which can be negative experiences), there are also some great new things about your husband.

Here is a list of some things that makes your husband even better after you've had a baby:

1. He deals with poop every day

How can you not love a guy who gets into the nitty-gritty? Spit up all over the walls and leaking diapers are no match for your superman.

2. He still thinks you're beautiful

You might have stretch marks, have gone from wielding a beach ball in your abdomen to extra skin, and maybe you've made almost zero efforts in the way of personal hygiene in the past few days, but he still thinks you are beautiful.

3. He's the man you want your son to become

You feel so lucky that your children have an amazing example to follow. You hope that your sons will grow up to be just as amazing as him, and that your daughters will use him to measure men against.

4. He loves that you're a mom

He cherishes you for everything you went through to have a child, he feels blessed that you made him a dad, and he just thinks you're amazing for wanting to raise a child.

5. He wakes up in the middle of the night

Even at 2 in the morning, he gets up, changes a diaper and rocks your little one to sleep. How can you not love him for doing that fatherly service?

6. You've created someone together

Now you're not only bonded by marriage vows, but you're bonded through giving life and the responsibility of nurturing it. It's awesome to see your nose and his dimples on your little one.

7. He thinks you're the best

He doesn't think anyone could do a better job of parenting a child than you, and he tells you so.

8. He makes time for you

You should know that there's just about time for nothing right now. Your little one sucks up just about all you've got. But he still makes time to serve you, kiss you, and all over make you feel loved.

9. He makes silly faces

The silly contortions of your hubby's face might be for the baby's benefit but you are definitely reaping the rewards. He can make you crack up as he turns into a total goof in front of your child.

10. He supports you

Your husband doesn't leave you alone in this parenting business. The two of you are a team and work together to care for an infant, which makes your relationship so many times better.

11. He's a father

He's not just a husband; he's a dad.
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