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11 things that have more significance than "I love you" for men
With these 11 small gestures you can show your husband you love him without saying the words, "I love you." - photo by Joo Pedro Martins
"I love you" is a phrase that everyone likes to hear, especially from the person you love. Its wonderful to hear that phrase when you wake up, during a phone call, in the middle of the day, before going to sleep or when its said spontaneously. Knowing that someone loves us is one of the most comforting feelings.

Although they saying loving your spouse is important, showing that love is even more important. Small gestures in your daily lives demonstrate how much you love them. Here are 11 small gestures that make your husband feel loved.

1. A simple long embrace

A hug offers more comfort and safety than probably any other gesture. I think we all feel protected when we embrace the person we love. Family therapist, Carin Goldstein said that "while women are more linked to verbal communication, men puts more importance on touch." When you embrace, it can feel as if the whole world ceases to exist and there are only the two of you.

2. Listening

Many people think only women vent and men don't need to. We all have problems, and talking about them gives us relief from their weight. When you ask what is wrong, he might say "nothing," but showing that you are there to support and listening to him is a unique way to show your love.

3. Thanking him for the little things

Expressing our gratitude is a divine way to show that we love someone. Who doesnt feeling appreciated for what they do by their sweetheart? Often we are quick to criticize when things arent the way we want them to be. Instead, be quick to thank and appreciate his small gestures of support, service and help. This strengthen the love you have.

4. Asking his advice

Every man likes to feel like an important part in the life of the woman he loves. When a man feels like his opinion or advice helped you, he feels more useful and competent. Dr. Andra Brosh, a psychologist, said, "[When a woman] asks advice, it shows she trusts the man and there is room for him in her life. The need, dependence and love go hand in hand."

5. Praise

When we sincerely praise a person, they feel appreciated, and this increases their motivation to do better. You shouldnt praise only when something big happens. Praise little efforts to stay fit or to help with homework. This will make him feel appreciated. As a result, he will feel more loved.

6. Your full attention

"When a man sees [a woman] checking her cell phone during dinner, he interprets this as 'I'm not important,'" couples therapist, Dr. Mike Dow said.

Ignore the curiosity to check social media or write just one more text message. When two people are together, nothing should intrude between them. Attention is a way to demonstrate that we are interested and that person is important to us.

7. His favorite meal

Since I was young I heard, The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. One way to demonstrate your love is to show you know what your husband likes without having to ask him directly. Dr. Mike Dow said, "Couples that know small details about each other were those who had the happiest marriages".

8. Constant physical intimacy in marriage

Physical intimacy is essential to the life and happiness of the couple; it can't be neglected. Sex has two effects on the couple: on the biological level, the release of hormones (dopamine and oxytocin) makes the person feel more cheerful and light. From a personal point of view, its something just the two of you share. It is a physical act of love.

9. Time for himself

Sometimes he may have difficulty saying what he needs. This difficulty can simply be shyness or he may worry about hurting your feelings. He may fear that saying he needs time with friends may make you feel that he is sending the message that he doesn't want to spend time with his wife. When you encourage him to have his own hobbies and social life, trust and love will increase.

10. The dress he loves

Showing that you still want to dress up and look pretty for him is an expression of love. A man's brain is designed to respond quickly to visual cues so when a man sees the woman he loves dressed elegantly just for him, he will see that she still cares about him.

11. Taking care of yourself

Exercise, stop harmful addictions, pamper yourself. It may seem that these are things that only affect you but also they also affect your husband. Dr. Dow said, "[Taking care of yourself] says 'I want to live a long and healthy life with you and I will do everything to take care of my health"; this may even be the incentive for him to do the same.

All these points demonstrate the simple and wonderful phrase "I love you. Through small gestures, your life together will become more happy, harmonious and above all, full of love.
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