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15 darling ideas for couples who spend at least some time apart
Whether long distance is one day away or months apart, these charming love bombs will certainly get your message of I love you across any distance. - photo by Emily Cummings
Long distance relationships seem to strip away the best parts about being together. No warm hugs after tough days, no kisses on the cheek in the morning, and no more seeing each other everyday. Though your everything might not be there physically, you can still show them how much you are missing them. Get a little sappy and try out one of these ideas next time your beau is away:

Watch parties

Want to go see that movie together in theaters, but the movie tickets arent worth the plane ticket? Find a time you can both go on the same night. Have a Skype date afterwards over dessert to talk all about it. If Netflix is more your cup of tea, theres a site that lets you watch things online together (which is adorable).

Snail mail a hug

Spritz on some perfume or cologne on a tee shirt, and place it in an envelope for your special someone. You might not be able to give them a hug right then, but a soft tee shirt or a pillow (with a cute message scrawled on a corner) might be the next best thing.

Lock it up

For Android users, theres a cute app that lets you share lock screens with another personthink about writing a little message or sending a heart or two that instantly will be shared with whoever you choose. Its an easy way to keep an instant smile on your face, all day long.

So sad, you lose!

Texts throughout the day are a nice touch, but add a little more excitement by challenging your beau to an intense game of words with friends or trivia crack. Make the stakes a little higher by claiming that the loser needs to buy dinner next visit.

Its a date

Though you might not be in the same city, state, or even country, keep a date night. Both of you could video chat while at a concert, going for a walk in your city, or while visiting an art museum. Dress up all nice and do the date thing, but digitally.

You've got (snail) mail

Love letters arent as convenient as a text message, but they sure mean a lot more (and make the cutest keepsake for your kids to look at years from now). Send an old style love letter, and seal it with a kiss.


So a to-do list doesnt sound like the most romantic thing every, but sending a cute to-do list to your honey is exactly what your long distance relationship needs. Have them take a picture of them doing every item on the list (make a favorite recipe, find a dog that looks just like ours, take a picture with someone who looks like me in 30 years) and send you the results.


Send flowers, balloons, or even a letter full of hearts or glitter at a random time during the week. Obviously, birthdays and anniversaries mean a package or letter, but receiving some unexpected mail during the week would brighten anyones day.

Stingy phone calls

It may sound counterintuitive to not talk everyday on the phone, but theres an upside to only talking every couple of days, or only talking for 45 minutes or so each day. You will need to really focus your thoughts and time to make sure you get a solid conversation instead of just listlessly running through every detail of your day.

Clue by clue

Send a small envelope stuffed with a handful of puzzle pieces that when finished, forms a picture of the two of you. Send a message if youd like, but keep up the mystery by only sending a few pieces every week or so.

Miss a message

Chatting on the phone is a must in any long distance relationships, but theres something to having a recording that can be played whenever loneliness hits. Intentionally call when your love wont be able to answer so you can leave a voicemail thats much more permanent than a phone call.

Watch the time

Send a clock youve decorated with pictures or love notes (and set with your local time) to your love so theyve got a little reminder on their wall of where you are. Or, send a dual time watch so they can keep your timezone right next to theirs on a watch face.

Prepackaged love

Ship a bottle, jar, or bucket of chocolate kisses when you arent there to give a big smooch yourself.

Table for two

If you know your Mr. or Mrs. has a long night ahead of them studying, prepping for a conference, or has zero cooking skills without you there, order in for them. Loads of restaurants across the country deliver (and some places here have locations internationally!) so order them a favorite dish without having them worry about the check.

Youve got mail

Take a leaf out of Meg Ryans book and keep a cute little romance alive online; create a blog the two of you only the know the password to and write about your days, upload photos, and videos of your weekly highlights. Youll love reading a post just for you on a cute blog of your love.

Miles may between you both, but thats not anything some love cant tackle. If your beau is gone for the weekend or will be gone for months to come, keeping them in your heart and mind can help make them seem not so far away.
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