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4 ways you are unknowingly sabotaging your children during nap time
Nap time is the perfect time to be productive; but if you do too much, it may be your children who suffer. - photo by Courtnie Erickson
Nap time: The most glorious time of day. If you have young children at home, these few precious hours can be the most productive of your day. As soon as your children are tucked in their beds, it is time to break out the to-do list and get to work. However, there are a few items on your to-do list that shouldnt wait until the kids are asleep. In fact, as unproductive as it may sound, it is more effective to accomplish these tasks during the day, while your kids are awake.

Here are four things you should accomplish when your children are watching.

1. Cleaning

Nap time seems to be the perfect time to get your house in order. However, you shouldnt make it a habit. Children need to learn how to clean. They need to understand they dont live in a magic house that cleans itself. Parents must teach their kids to clean, even if it takes twice the amount of time. There are many chores children can do, no matter their age. Take the time to teach your kids and dont do everything for them while they are sleeping.

2. Exercising

Exercise is a great stress relief and the perfect time to yourself. However, you can still keep it that way, even while the children are awake. Plan a time to exercise when your spouse is at home and can watch the kids or invite a friend with children to exercise and let the kids play while you sweat. Your children dont have to watch your entire exercise routine, but they need to know that you take care of your body and that being healthy is important to you. If it is important to you, it is more likely to become important to them.

3. Managing money

Many kids grow up and and have no idea how to balance a checkbook or maintain a budget. They dont understand how investing works and what it means to save money. When your children are old enough, teach them the basics of money. As they grow up, let them see you pay the bills and go to the bank. Show them how to clip coupons and say no to things you want in order to save money. Be an example of how to be financially savvy.

5. Finding our happiness

During the day, we can get so caught up in the demands of life that we forget to enjoy the life we have. Live in the present and enjoy the stage of life you are in. It is easy to get discouraged and worn out; but take the time to play with your kids, visit with friends and serve those around you. Dont wait until it is quiet to work on your happiness. Instead, work on it all day long.

These four things are perfectly acceptable activities to do during nap time, but shouldnt always only be done during those precious few hours. Children learn from examples and their greatest examples are those they see at home. Let your children work next to you and teach them the importance of certain tasks. You may be doing your children a disservice if you are trying to get things done faster and when everyone is sound asleep.
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