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5 signs you are obsessed with social media and need professional help
How often are you actually thinking about social media? The answer might shock you. - photo by Maureen "Mo" Elinzano
Who isn't on social media these days? Posting articles on Facebook, posting about your awesome vacation on Instagram or tweeting a funny meme on Twitter is great, but is your love for social media becoming an obsession?

Here are 5 signs that you're #obsessed, and need professional help:

1. You only go somewhere or do something so that you can post about it.

Are you always the last one of your friends to start eating your meal at a restaurant because you have to Snapchat it to all of your other friends first? Did you go to that cool bookstore just so that you could Instagram it? Did you only take a photo of that awesome view of the sunset so that you could make it your cover photo on Facebook?

If you said yes to one (or all) of these questions, then try to stop and enjoy the roses. Also, the next time that you go out to eat, try eating your meal when it comes out so that it doesn't get cold.

2. Likes and comments mean everything to you.

You know when you post the most gorgeous selfie ever on Instagram, but it takes forever to get past 11 likes and you don't get any comments saying how pretty or beautiful you are? Or when you post about a life event on Facebook and your likes don't break 100? And then you know how you decide to delete that selfie or post because it didn't get enough likes and comments?

First of all, you're gorgeous and awesome no matter what. Secondly, validation of how beautiful you are or how amazing your life is shouldn't come in the form of orange hearts, a blue thumbs up, complimentary hashtags and equally complimentary emojis. Remember, you're #blessed!

3. Your Snapchat story is basically a movie.

Snapchat is an excellent way to keep your followers updated on what you're doing in a timely manner. But if your Snapchat story reaches 200+ seconds, then you're definitely obsessed. We don't need to know about every step you take while you're walking to work or about every song that you listen and sing along to during your drive to the store. We just don't.

4. You check your social media networks about every 10 seconds.

You scroll down your news feed on Facebook to see any new status updates or engagement/wedding/baby announcements. You check your favorite celebrity's Twitter to see what cool tweets you can RT. You scroll down to like every photo on Instagram (regardless of what the caption says). You check every single story that your followers post on Snapchat, and are the first to view it when there's a new one.

Your eyes and hands are basically glued to your phone. It's OK if you didn't see your best friend's latest selfie moments after it was posted. It's OK if you don't check your sister's Snapchat story right away. It's OK if you're not one of the first 1,000,000 people who retweeted Justin Bieber's latest revelation on life and love. Take a deep breath. You'll be OK.

5. You plan your posts very meticulously.

If it's not posted on social media, it really didn't happen, right? If you agree with that, then you probably know exactly what you're going to post before you do something cool. You have to take a group photo with your friends, you know exactly where to stand, and you even know where the best lighting is and which hashtags you're going to use in the caption.

You're taking more time to plan your posts than actually taking the time to have fun and savor the moment with your family, friends, significant other, co-workers, classmates, etc. Enjoy your life and plan your post when you're actually about to post it on your social media networks.

Admit it -- you definitely said yes to one (or all) of these signs! If you have, don't worry. It's easy to train yourself to check social media in moderation. Take a deep breath, put down your smartphone, and live for the moment.
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