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5 ways to not let your baby bump affect your marriage
Its growing bigger every day, but it doesnt actually need to come between you and your husband. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Pregnancy is an adventure, and comes with many ups and downs.

Obviously the best part of pregnancy is at the end of nine months, when you get a beautiful baby.

But along the way, hormones, sickness and being uncomfortable can not only be difficult for you (the one carrying the child), but also for your husband, who can only helplessly stand by and help you every now and then with some cravings.

One of the hardest things to remember about your growing belly is to not let it come between you and your husband; meaning that there are certain things that both you and him can do to keep your romance alive before becoming parents.

Be understanding of both of your needs

At this stage of life you have some very specific needs, ones that are vital for both you and your growing baby. It is important to understand as well, though, that your husband has needs too. He needs to still feel loved by you, and feel that he is your top priority.

It is understandable that when you are feeling nauseated 24/7 it can be difficult to think about somebody else and how you can help them, but even in little ways you can show your husband you still need and appreciate him.

Intimacy may change but it is still VERY important

Each stage of pregnancy comes with changes, especially in the intimacy department. For many women it can be hard to feel motivated to be intimate with their husbands. They feel their growing belly literally becoming a barrier between them, and they may not have the desire to do anything other than sleep and eat.

But as long as you are healthy enough to do so, it is still important for you and your husband to be intimate; and during pregnancy it can actually be more of a pleasurable experience. And this may be a good time to have more of those intimate moments, because when the baby comes, it will get even harder.

Be supportive

Tell your husband how grateful you are to him for helping you when you want Thai food in the middle of the night. Tell him you appreciate him picking up around the house when you have no energy to do so. This will help him know that no matter what, you support and acknowledge him and his efforts.

Husbands will quickly find out as well, that it is very important to be supportive to your wife at this time. She is going through a lot of new changes that can be extremely difficult to handle. Remind her how much you love her and how grateful you are to her for carrying your child.

Take a time-out

Because a husband lives with his wife, he may sometimes take the brunt of some of the hormonal outbursts that occur during pregnancy. This is why it is good to give him a break and maybe hang out with a friend or your mom, and complain about those pregnancy difficulties to them instead.

Giving your husband a little breather will allow you both to come home happier and more excited to see one another.

Have bonding activities

Because your baby is inside of you and you are literally feeling it growing and moving, it is easier for you to form a bond with your new baby. Remember that your husband loves your baby too, but in this stage it is a little harder for him to bond with the baby.

Create bonding activities you can do together, like playing his favorite songs for the baby, picking out baby clothes together, or having him read to and talk to your belly. You will find that this not only bonds daddy and baby, but also husband and wife.
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