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8 one-liners that will completely ruin your special moment with your wife
These phrases men sometimes say will crash and burn the romance every time. - photo by Jenna Koford
The lights are low, and the music is playing. You and your sweetheart are in the mood, and everything is going perfectly. But then someone says something, and you just want to shut everything down.

Maybe you can ignore the thing your husband just said, but communicating with him about your love life will help avoid the annoying phrases next time. Here are some things men might say that will ruin almost any moment with their woman:

What time is it?

If he's focusing on the time, that may mean he's not focusing on you. If this phrase is said before you two go to the bedroom, you don't have to worry as much. But if your man is constantly worried about how many minutes this will take, he's either bored or in a rush. You don't want that.

Did you remember to buy chicken from the grocery store?

His mind may also be somewhere else if mentions anything on your grocery list or if he asks about dinner. You want your man to be lost in your eyes and your arms, not worried about food.

I'm not really feeling it now

Couples have to learn to give and take in a relationship. Even if you're not always feeling the moment, you sacrifice for him, and he should do the same. That doesn't mean you must have a passionate experience every night; but if he's consistently saying this phrase, maybe he's not feeling the relationship either.

Hold on, I have to get this call

Any phones, tablets or computers in bed with you is surely a red flag. Put away any distractions, and make it clear you are one another's first priority in that moment (and all the time). If it's a super important business call, you can let it slide; but if he is glued to his screen, the romantic moment is over.

My ex didn't do it like that

No. No. No. Any mention of anyone in a past relationship is automatic water on the flame. The magic is over. In fact, an argument could arise. If he's comparing you to past partners or mentioning his ex he ran into at the store, your special night may be spent apart.

Let's just get it over with

This is another horrible phrase that can kill any moment. Why bother trying to make a romantic moment if he wants it to be over?

Are you done yet?

This is another rushed phrase that will leave any women feeling self-conscious and nervous. In a romantic moment, both partners want to take their time and enjoy each other. So if one person feels frustrated or rushes the experience, the moment is gone.

I have to leave by 4 o'clock

If he sets a time limit on your lovemaking, there's almost no point in starting anything. Share a special moment when you both have the time.

Men, when you're with your loved one, avoid these phrases. Women, be patient with your man if he's in a hurry, but if he says something that kills the mood, don't pretend everything is OK. Communicate with each other, and learn what you need to say or not say to keep that spark alive.
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