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9 ways you're unknowingly making yourself unattractive
You have more control over how attractive you are than you would think. - photo by Melinda Fox
We all know that beauty isn't just skin deep. A person's beauty doesn't completely depend on their physical characteristics; personality traits can transcend how gorgeous a person is physically. However, keep in mind that if you act poorly, you can overshadow your dashing good looks in a heartbeat. Here are nine traits that make people unattractive, no matter how perfect their face is.

1. Being constantly negative

We all have days where things don't work out and we need to vent, but someone who only sees the awful is an awful person themself. Someone's attractiveness is connected to the way we feel around that person. It doesn't matter how good looking you are; a sour attitude can sour your attractiveness faster than you would think.

2. Being too self-conscious

People who spend all their time focusing on their insecurities draw attention to their so-called flaws. The problem with letting your insecurities have the spotlight is that your strengths have no space to shine. Focusing on what you don't like about yourself doesn't give anyone the chance see what your best attributes are, letting gorgeous eyes and a hilarious sense of humor fall to the wayside.

3. Focusing on yourself

On the other hand, thinking that you are all that and a bag of chips doesn't do too much for your attractiveness level either. There is a line between being confident and being cocky...when you cross into the land of self-absorption, how attractive other people see you totally plummets.

4. Always taking control

If you need things your way every single minute of the day and enforce that pushy control freak attitude on others, you will be less attractive to everyone you meet. While assertiveness and decisiveness are attractive qualities, flexibility and the ability to see other people's point-of-view are way more admirable.

5. Acting overly competitive

If you always need to prove that you're amazing at any sport you try out, no one is going to believe you. People like to decide your greatness for themselves not have it sold to them. No one wants to be with someone who is only focused on winning by whatever means necessary, even if you do look like a supermodel.

6. Being rude

Someone who's crude, impolite or insulting immediately lessens their attractiveness. We are attracted to people who are respectful and kind. Don't diminish your good looks with a rotten personality or bad jokes.

7. Having zero confidence

The only thing less attractive than cockiness is a lack of confidence. Believe it or not, your confidence can affect your attractiveness more than your looks do. Remind yourself of your fabulous talents often so other people can see what you have to offer.

8. Acting dishonest

It's near impossible for a person who lies to be attractive because all anyone can see is their dishonesty. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you can get away with saying whatever you'd like just because you are good looking. Focus on having a beautiful personality to pair with your looks.

9. Focusing on looks

If you care too much about how you look, it reduces how attractive you are. It's amazing how attractive someone who doesn't stress out about getting their hair wet in the rain can be. It gets old really fast when you are with someone who checks themselves in any reflective surface to make sure a single hair isn't out of place. Don't diminish good looks by caring too much. Take care to look nice, but once you walk out the door, forget about it.

If you have any of these qualities, change them as quick as you can. A personality check will do more for your attractiveness than a new outfit or lipstick ever can.
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