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A black and white, and sometimes Technicolor, dance fest: Movies that showcase unforgettable dance m
Estabelecer uma rotina para as principais atividades do dia faz o tempo ser mais bem aproveitado. - photo by Elizabeth Reid
While reality dance shows are currently all the rage, sometimes waiting between seasons, or even episodes, can seem too long. These five family friendly movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood display epic dance sequences that are just as deserving of praise as todays more contemporary moves.

'Lady Be Good'

Eddie Crane and Dixie Donegan are a dynamic husband-wife songwriter duo, and they also madly in love. But all too soon the glitz and glam of Hollywood lures Eddie away from his composing duties. Upset he is leaving the work that helped them bond, Dixie seeks a divorce. But first, she has to tell their story to a judge. Lady Be Good, is the tale of how Dixie and Eddie met, fell in love and then realized they were still in love despite their struggles.

Although the main stars in Lady Be Good were Robert Young and Ann Sothern, Eleanor Powell received top billing. Powell, who was referred to as the best female tap dancer in the United States in her obituary in The New York Times, deserved all the accolades she received. Lady Be Good showcases several of her more popular dance scenes, including a sequence in which she dances with a dog that Powell trained herself, according to

In addition to the movie's music and dancing, the film also stars Red Skelton and has an appearance by the dancing troupe The Berry Brothers. This 1941 black-and-white romantic comedy can be seen on Google Play, iTunes, VUDU or on TCM Sept. 9 at 8:15 a.m. MT.

'Cover Girl'

Rusty Parker is happy with her job as a chorus girl at boyfriend's, Danny McGuire, nightclub. Then she hears about Vanity magazines contest to find a new face for its magazine, so she tries out for the spot. Worried about losing the woman he loves, Danny tries to sabotage her efforts. But Vanitys publisher saw Rusty perform and has become smitten with her resemblance to his long-lost love. After Rusty is hired, Danny is faced with the options of leaving her to her newfound glory or working at getting her back.

Rita Hayworth, one of the most popular pin-up girls of World War II according to Time magazine, and Gene Kelly, who says transformed male dancing, star in this Technicolor 1944 movie. Hayworth dances through elaborate sequences, but it is probably Kellys solo number, Alter Ego, where he dances with his own image, that this film is known for. Alter Ego was a first in its time for the special effects used to achieve double imagery, according to

Eventually, Cover Girl proves that love conquers all in this delightful musical romance. This movie, which won several Academy Awards, can be seen on Amazon video, Google Play, iTunes and VUDU.

'Wonder Man'

Buzzy Bellew is a popular nightclub entertainer, but hes been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Slated to testify against mobster Ten Grand Jackson, hes also getting ready for his wedding. But Buzzys days are numbered and hes murdered by Ten Grands thugs. Unable to accept his fate, Buzzys ghost appears to his twin brother Edwin, a shy genius who has tried his best to stay out of harms way. Bent on seeing Ten Grand pay for his crimes, Buzzy talks Edwin into letting him inhabit his body when its time to testify. But first, Edwin needs to stay away from mobster thugs and continue wooing the woman he loves.

Danny Kaye stars in this 1945 Technicolor movie that won an Academy Award for special effects. Known for his comedic skills, Kaye also lights up the screen when he dances with the highly talented Vera-Ellen in her first starring role. These two dancers would go on to pair in other movies, with White Christmas as their best-known collaboration.

Unseen, but very much felt in Wonder Man was Kayes wife, Sylvia Fine, a songwriter who according to composed many specialty numbers for her husband in this movie and many others.

Watching Wonder Man online can be difficult, but many third-party sellers on sites such as Amazon and eBay sell this DVD for affordable prices.

'Kiss Me Kate'

Although they were once married, now divorced musical theater actors Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi have decided they are mature enough to put their past behind and star in a Broadway musical together. But when memories and emotions from their former relationship continue to crop up, the two wonder if they should continue the show. Unfortunately, the show must go on, especially when two gangsters, who have been told the only way to collect a debt owed by one of the supporting castmates is for the show to open, force their performances.

Kiss Me Kate is a 1953 movie full of dancing, music and heaps of acting talent. With singing greats Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson in the main roles, it also stars dancing phenomenon Ann Miller. Tommy Rall, a great, but lesser-known, dancer in his own right, stars opposite Miller as her love interest and the two perform several energetic routines together. Millers tap dancing sequences, such as, Its Too Darn Hot, are both amazing and thrilling to watch.

Based on Shakespeares, Taming of the Shrew, this movie helps make it easy to understand the great playwrights work. While, Kiss Me Kate has been a popular Broadway play for some time, this version changed a few lyrics that were considered too racy for film, according to

This Technicolor movie, along with its plentiful singing and dancing routines, can be seen on Amazon video, Google Play and VUDU.

'The Gay Divorcee'

Mimi Glossop is tired of her husbands negligence and wants a divorce. The only problem is her husband refuses to give it to her. Fortunately, her lawyer has a fool-proof way to grant her freedom. The plan is to hire someone to impersonate her lover and then catch the two of them in Mimis room, thereby forcing a divorce. But when Guy Holden, an American dancer Mimi is starting to fall for, unwittingly steps into the impersonated lovers shoes, chaos ensues in a series of mistaken identities. Ginger Rogers stars as the happy woman getting divorced and Fred Astaire stars as Guy Holden.

Although they had danced together in their first movie pairing the year before, The Gay Divorcee was the first film Astaire and Rogers were billed as the star actors, according to According to, it also has the longest Astaire-Rogers dance ever filmed, the whopping 17-minute long sequence, The Continental. This tune would go on to win the first-ever Academy Award for best song, according to

While, The Gay Divorcee is a frothy film, filled with more comedic dialogue and dancing than actual plot, watching Astaire and Rogers float across the floor together is a delight. This black-and-white flick can be viewed on Google Play, iTunes, Vudu or on TCM Nov. 25 at 8:30 a.m. MT.
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