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Chinas latest wedding trend includes flying bridal veils. No, seriously
In China, brides have embraced a new trend where their sheer veils are flown through the air and placed gently on top of their deads. - photo by Herb Scribner
China has a new wedding trend that at least one publication says will make a "memorable visual statement."

As first reported by Shanghaiist, brides have embraced a new trend where their sheer veils seemingly fall from the sky and gently land on top of their heads.

The process uses ceiling rails and weights to hoist the veil and send it to the brides head.

The Shanghaiist video has more than 4.1 million views and 39,000 shares on Facebook.

Social media sounded off on the new trend this week.

The Shanghaiist report called the trend the next wedding craze.

And its fairly easy to see why: It certainly makes a memorable visual statement. It may not be for everyone but, especially on wedding day, to each her own, according to Time magazine.

However, according to BuzzFeed (warning: offensive language in the subheading), the Chinese social media network Weibo uncovered the trend back in January.

"A wedding veil that falls from the sky. When did getting married become so romantic? Obviously being poor has limited my imagination, one user wrote, according to BuzzFeed.
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