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Fixer Upper fans say goodbye to Chip and Joanna Gaines after series finale
The Gaines will welcome their new child in whats shaping up to be a big year for the family. The couple has a number of products coming out and theyre set to publish another book. At the same time, the Fixer Upper television show will be ending after its fifth season. - photo by Herb Scribner
Fixer Upper had its series finale on Tuesday night, and many people are not OK about it.

As USA Today reported, Chip and Joanna Gaines, the faithful couple who spent five seasons renovating homes, ended their show on Tuesday night in the "Fixer Upper series finale.

Joanna Gaines posted on her blog about the end of the show, saying it was time to begin her new life, which includes getting ready for a new baby (the familys fifth).

"Pregnancy has been so fun, in fact my two favorite things to do are take naps and eat!" Joanna wrote. "Since its been over eight years since I was pregnant with Emmie Kay, I joke with my friends that it feels like its my first time being pregnant. Since I had our first four babies so close to one another, none of them actually remember me being pregnant. They love my growing belly (and boy is it growing), and they cannot wait to meet him. I truly believe this baby is a gift from God for our family in this season."

She later mentioned that the family will adopt a kitten, a puppy and design a new cookbook.

"Today is really bittersweet for us," Joanna said. "'Fixer Upper' is the thing that introduced our family to yours, and every Tuesday night for the past five years, we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. Weve said it many times, but its worth saying again thank you to everyone who has walked beside us on this journey."

The finale hit its emotional peak when Chip revealed the significance of why the family uses a magnolia tree as a symbol, reported. In fact, 'magnolia' is also the name of Joannas blog.

"You know whats interesting about a magnolia tree?" he asked Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7. "One of mama and Is first dates, I climbed up a magnolia tree and I pulled her off a magnolia bloom, and I gave it to her.

People on social media could not handle the finale, though, sharing GIFs and tweets that highlighted their sadness.

Cue the tears.

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