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Frankenstein's monster gets into Christmas Spirit in new Apple ad
Frankenstein's monster stares warmly at a group of villagers as they join in his holiday song. - photo by Koster Kennard
In our society, we tend to stereotype our fictional characters, acting as if they only celebrate the holiday we associate them with, not allowing them to celebrate the full complement of holidays like the rest of us.

For Frankenstein's monster, that holiday is Halloween, but this year he's getting into the Christmas spirit in a new Apple ad.

In the ad, Frankie is dressed more like Ebenezer Scrooge than in his expected garb of tatters and acts more like a philanthropic friend than a mindless monster.

The ad shows the creature picking out red and green lightbulbs to replace his neck bolts and singing an off-tune solo of Perry Como's "Home For the Holidays."

As he sings, villagers are shown slowly gathering around to join in his festive carol.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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