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Have You Seen This? In-N-Out menu hacks
For those who love In-N-Out, thanks to this video, it just got a lot better. - photo by John Clyde

THE BURGER PALACE What could be better than In-N-Out?

The answer is a bunch of stuff at In-N-Out you didn't know you could get. That's what.

This video recently popped up to share all the menu hacks available at In-N-Out. Many people knew the burger place had off menu items a coworker and I wrote a story about secret menus but this video takes it to a new level.

Some of the items may kill me, but they look delicious. I mean, how have I found joy in my life before knowing about the Monkey Style Burger? I don't know, but things are about to get a lot better for my taste buds and a lot worse for my heart.

Check out the video, and I'm sure cardiologists would warn you to use this new knowledge with caution.
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