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Have You Seen This? Mom can't handle baby saying 'mama'
A baby uttering his or her first words is an exciting moment. This mom isn't just excited, she's losing her mind. - photo by John Clyde

THE KITCHEN As parents, we tend to get a little overly excited about things our kids do. We tend to think the smallest of things are a huge deal not only for us but the world at large.

For example, when my son hit a baseball off a tee for the first time, I thought I'd send the story to the New York Times. But alas no one else cared. We're parents, that's what we do.

It's with this knowledge that I both sympathize with the mother in this video while simultaneously shaking my head.

A little one is sitting in a high chair enjoying some grub when the mom prompts the baby to say, "mama." Much to the mother's surprise, obviously, the baby says, "mama" right back.

The mom doesn't just get excited, she goes full "Price is Right" mode and starts screaming. The mom loves it; the baby, not so much. The poor little thing can't handle it and just starts crying. The mom's exuberance clearly scared the little one half to death.

There is a chance this baby will never utter the word mama again due to terror that it will set off more alarm bells, but at least we got this one utterance and this great video.
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