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Have You Seen This? OK Go does it again
The band OK Go makes some really amazing music videos, but this one may be their best yet. - photo by John Clyde

THE STUDIO Even if you don't immediately recognize OK Go's music, you undoubtedly recognize their music videos. These are the guys who gave us dancing treadmills, massive Rube Goldberg machines and zero gravity.

Now the gang is back, and somehow they figured out how to outdo themselves yet again. I'll be honest, I didn't know where they'd go after floating around in an airplane. But they figured it out, and it's incredible.

This video starts out with an insane orchestra of paint, explosions, flipbooks and destroyed guitars that takes a total of 4.2 seconds. Yes, the whole thing was filmed under 5 seconds, but the video is then slowed down and played with OK Go's song "The One Moment," and you will be in awe.

I watched this thing several times, and I still have a hard time believing what I'm seeing. The amount of planning and time management it took to pull this off gives me a headache. That's mainly because I'm really not that bright.

The other thing that floors me is the fact that if they messed one thing up, it would have taken days to set everything back up to nail that 4.2 seconds. I once had a few months to plan a video shoot in college that was about as simple as humanly possible, and I still managed to screw that up. The minds behind this video are truly impressive.

Check out the video, and if you want, you can head over to Morton Salt, the producers of the video, and check out their new "Walk Her Walk" initiative that gives back to different charitable organizations.

Either way, you now have a new video that you can watch for days while trying to comprehend what was actually accomplished.
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