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Have You Seen This? The amazing Norwegian flying squirrel
This squirrel isn't just an acrobat, he also adores the spot light and let's the attention go to his head. - photo by John Clyde

THE TREES Once in junior high we had a talent assembly and one kid decided to do a stand-up routine.

Everyone was pretty skeptical, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and much to our surprise, he was hilarious. Cracking jokes that the student body found hilarious and the faculty didn't wince at. It was truly an impressive accomplishment, but then something went terribly awry. The kid, who will remain nameless, loved the attention and the spotlight and decided to keep on going after his planned set was over. What came next was a joke too adult for his classmates, too risque for the faculty and worthy of a week-long suspension.

The moral of the story is this: we all love the spotlight, but it's important to know when to quit.

This brings us to today's video of an acrobatic squirrel whose head started getting a little too big for his body.

At a bike race in Bergen, Norway, some spectators caught sight of this squirrel jumping from tree to tree and the entire crowd got really into it. I mean, really into it. I'm guessing they all realized watching a bike race from one specific location is pretty boring.

For some reason watching this little vermin is really entertaining, but I'm willing to bet that he needed to make the first couple of jumps and then just started milking it for all it was worth. The squirrel wanted its 15 minutes and he got it.

I just hope he doesn't outstay his welcome and end up with a fat suspension.
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