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Have You Seen This? The human fountain
Who needs the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas when you've got these guys? - photo by John Clyde
THE FOUNTAIN About a year ago I was in Las Vegas for business and stayed in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

When I checked in, I was told the hotel was overbooked and the room I reserved would not be ready for four to five hours. They said I could either wait or they could put me in a suite on the 57th floor for no extra fee.

I think I stared at the poor woman at the front desk without uttering a word for about three whole minutes before I said, "I appreciate the offer, but I need to ask why you gave me two options?" She stared back at me and then I told her I'd be happy to take the suite.

I took the elevator up and entered my suite complete with a sitting room, an amazing bedroom, complimentary snacks and a Japanese soaking tub. Don't know what that is? Neither did I until I stayed there. All you need to know is it's phenomenal. But out of everything that room offered there was one thing that made the rest seem mediocre: the view.

From my private balcony, I looked straight down onto the famous Bellagio fountains and it was stunning. Each night I'd hang out on the veranda and watch the light show with a Coke in my hands while wearing a plushy robe.

I never thought any fountain show could top that experience, but I was wrong because this video exists. These guys put on robes themselves and choreographed a fountain show that makes all others look amateur. The precise movements, the music, the high arcs of the water, the color coordination at the end, it's all mesmerizing and beautiful.

Prepare yourselves for this video, because you'll never be the same after watching it. Beauty will have a new meaning and all other art will be ruined because of what you have witnessed here this day.
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