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Have You Seen This? Wolves are aggressively friendly
I do not suggest you try to cuddle up with wolves, but if you happen upon these two go ahead. - photo by John Clyde

THE WILD Wolves are a tricky subject for me. I know I should be terrified of them in the wild, that is unless Liam Neeson is with me of course, but I have a hard time of being scared of what looks like a cuddly dog. It may be easier if it has the blood of some fresh kill on its snout.

Regardless, wolves are strong, dangerous and beautiful animals. Which means they should be respected and appreciated. If you come across a wolf in the wild, I highly suggest playing cool and not trying to entice it closer to you to lick your face or snuggle up to you. Again, do not do this, even though that's exactly what happens in this video.

The wolves in this video take a real liking to one man and start snuggling with him and licking his face. I'm pretty sure I'd be having heart palpitations and blacking out, but this guy is much cooler than me and rides it out like a trained professional.

This video is two years old, but according to the views, no one has seen it. Not sure why no one has seen it, but I have a theory. My theory is bears. Plain and simple. Bears are keeping it from the public.

Bears have a long-term strategy to rid the world of humans and they love using wolves as a distraction. Wolves are seen as terrifying man eaters. While they are dangerous, the bears want us to think they are steps away from being our four-legged overlords. A video like this would do much to damage the slander the bears have spread about the wolves, and therefore the bears have suppressed this video.

I will not stand for it any longer. This video needs to be seen. Wolves are dangerous, do not forget that, but remember that bears want us to focus on them and forget that the bearpocalypse is coming.
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