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How a healthy sex life can improve your career
Looking to improve your work life? First ask yourself if you can improve your sex life. - photo by Alice Calch
Research has confirmed over and over again that stress affects your sex life tremendously. Stress stemming from things like commuting to work, working long hours, intense work projects and job security has an impact on the quality and quantity of sex for both men and women. Conversely, high levels of job satisfaction and job security are known to improve ones sex life.

What about the opposite? Can what happens at home, specifically in the bedroom, have an impact on ones work? Recent research seems to suggest it can. When ones home and sex life are good, he or she will do better on the job in terms of performance and promotions.

Here are some ways in which a satisfying sex life positively impacts your career.

Larger paychecks

What? Can this be true? Well, according to a study conducted by the Institute for the Study of Labor, individuals who had sex a minimum of 4 times per week earned more than those who did not. This particular study was conducted in Greece with more than 7,500 households reporting. Questions included how many hours an individual worked, how much the individual earned and how often that individual had sex. The study pointed to a direct correlation between amount of sex in a weeks period and higher income.

The studys reporter, Nick Drydakis, is quick to point out, however, that while there is a correlation, two factors must be considered. First, those who have more frequent sex tend to be happier individuals; and, in general, happier individuals are more enthusiastic, tend to perform better on the job and have lower absenteeism. So, perhaps those factors are why they get more raises and promotions. Secondly, it is also possible that individuals seem more attractive if they make more money; thus, they may have more opportunity for sex than those with lower-paying professions.

Less stress, better health and greater on-the-job positivity

The correlation between stress and health has long been established. People with high levels of stress tend to have higher blood pressure, greater risk of heart disease and lowered immune systems. So, if an active sex life can reduce stress, then people with active sex lives will be healthier. And healthier people perform better at work and are less absent.

Sharon Norling, M.D. and author of Your Doctor is Wrong, states that more frequent orgasms increase life expectancy by 3-8 years and foster much more positivity in ones outlook on life. Positivity translates into the workplace as an individual who is willing to take on challenging projects with enthusiasm.

Stronger immune systems

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone released during sex. This hormone boosts the immune system and makes us feel younger. A study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital surveyed both men and women about their sex lives. Those who looked younger than their age on average claimed to have sex 50 percent more often than their counterparts.

So, interestingly enough, sex helps us literally feel younger and be healthier. This will of course again decrease our sick-days, allowing us to spend more time at work with strength and energy. And, looking younger gives us inner-satisfaction and confidence, which in turn helps us perform better on the job.

Less physical pain

During sex, a chemical called Oxytocin is released. This is one of the bodys natural pain relievers. In fact, it is also released during labor preceding childbirth. Frequent sex keeps this hormone pumping, reducing physical pain. And people who are in less pain from headaches and muscle and joint issues perform better at work.

More entrepreneurship and competitiveness

Leaving a traditional work life and striking out ones own is a big step, but more and more men and women have been taking this plunge in recent years. With a more flexible schedule, it appears these entrepreneurs are finding more time for sex at various times throughout the day and evening. One recent survey of successful entrepreneurs indicates they do have more frequent sex than when traditionally employed and this increased sexual activity may be a factor in their entrepreneurial success.

Additionally, if an active sex life can help an individual with everything discussed above, then that person will be far more competitive in the job market itself. Employers and/or potential customers are looking for people who are healthy, happy and motivatedall byproducts of a healthy sex life.

We tend to compartmentalize our lives: we have a work life, a home life, a social life and a private, personal life. All of these parts of our lives are connected, however, and each part impacts the others in big ways. So, the next time you are wondering how your work life can improve, ask yourself if your sex life needs improving too.
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