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Marriage is an action word
Marriages can slip into a rut if you don't give it the time and nourishment it needs. - photo by Wendy Jessen
It happens to almost every couple once in a while. Life gets busy and over-scheduled. You struggle to keep up with the children, your job, the laundry, deadlines and other obligations. Pretty soon, you may realize you've hardly seen your spouse all week, all month or for several months.

Now, unintentionally, your marriage is in a rut. It may even feel like you hardly know your spouse. What happened?

Life took over, and your marriage became less of a priority.

Perhaps you used to have regular date nights or spend time together at home. But, then you skipped a week because of a busy schedule. The next week, something else came up. Then the kids were sick and that took priority.

Life often gets in the way of working on your marriage, but not without consequence. Like anything else that's important, your marriage requires maintenance and work. If work and other responsibilities take over the number one spot in your life, your marriage will suffer as a result.

Marriage is an action word.

Marriage is full of things you should DO:

1. Be on the same team

Just like any sport, reaching the end goal--a happy marriage--requires joint effort working together. You can't forfeit and give up on your marriage when things aren't going well. You work harder, practicing an area that needs work until it becomes another strong point in your marriage.

2. Find simple ways to connect throughout the day

Send a simple text message expressing your love for your spouse. Leave notes around the house, in the car or in a packed lunch for your spouse to find to lift their mood and boost your relationship. Thinking each other throughout the day is a great way to stay connected, even when life is busy.

3. Spend time remembering your firsts

First date, first kiss, first "I love you." An article on marriage suggested, "Spend a little time focusing on some of the special moments you have shared together. Dig out an old photo album and go through it together, asking each other questions about different events and experiences and what they meant to you. Stirring the embers can reawaken the flame; renew your sense of intimacy."

4. Make intentional plans

Planning date nights and other activities together shows your spouse that he/she is important to you. Your spouse is your priority. Your marriage is your priority. It's easy for your marriage and relationship to get lost in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life if you don't make deliberate efforts to give it the attention it needs.

Don't let your marriage fall apart simply because it got buried under the chaos and busyness of life. Marriage requires action to stay healthy. You can't expect a plant to grow without sunlight, water and nutrients. In fact, without it, plants will die. The same goes for your marriage. Don't neglect it. Tend it. Care for it. Give your marriage what it needs to be healthy and strong.
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