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New 'Cars 3' drives into darker territory
Screenshot from "Cars 3" trailer. - photo by Herb Scribner
"From this moment, everything will change."

Thats the message you can take away from the new Cars 3 trailer, which shows heroic fast car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) racing against other cars until he horrifically crashes.

And thats all we get. For now.

The trailer does have a darker tone, indicating that this third film may not be the cheerful, joyous story were accustomed to seeing in the previous two Cars films. Because of this, tech site Gizmodo called the trailer oddly disturbing, especially since the trailer highlights a crash.

Thats Lightning McQueen, the star of the franchise voiced by Owen Wilson, going through a very realistic car crash, according to Gizmodo. And the tagline From this moment, everything will change' is ominous. Very unlike the rest of the light, fun franchise about talking cars, trucks and planes.

Cars 3 drives into theaters June 6, 2017.
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