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Oh, to be a toddler again
Arianne Brown's toddler sons Audi and Axel stand proudly in front of their "fence." - photo by Arianne Brown
For several days now, I have tried to sit and gather my thoughts to write a column for you to read that would hopefully inspire you, or at the very least, make you think. Because thats what I do. I have experiences that I ponder, then I write those thoughts down.

But, try as I may, I have not had a second to gather a single coherent thought for one reason strike that two reasons that can be summed up with one word: toddlers.

In fact, as I sit here and type, my 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys are wrestling on the floor surrounded by the mess of baby wipes they just pulled out and spread all over the floor for no apparent reason.

Yes, I have told them several times to stop with absolutely zero success. I have even put the wipes away high above their reach. Well, they climb, and apparently the sky is the literal limit for these two. And since when is a pack of baby wipes a toy?

Oh, look. Now, they are pretending to be horses running around the kitchen and dining room. Now, theyre back, and have morphed into dogs that lick the chair. Dont lick the chair! Yes, I just typed what I just said, as I said it.

How about you grab one of those wipes to clean up your licks? Yes, Im dictating my current dialogue. Nope, they didnt do what I asked, and they're still licking things.

And it doesnt matter if Im sitting still or moving around, the toddlers are in constant motion, creating destruction wherever they go.

Speak of the devil; all the couch cushions are on the floor. It took a whole five seconds for that to happen, and now they are building a fence with the cushions and everything else they can find, including the baby wipes because thats what you do. Everyone knows that.

Yes, everyone knows that.

While my semi-gathered thoughts may seem like I am upset, frustrated or at the very least, being sarcastic in my words about these two little boys of mine, the truth of the matter is, I want nothing more than to join in the fun!

Oh, to be a toddler again, and go about my day without a care in the world. Oh, to act like a horse, then a dog (minus the licking). Oh, to live in a world full of discovery where stacking things to help you climb higher is seen as nothing more than an amazing feat because you beat mom at her game of You cant reach this.

Oh, to be a toddler again and find fun things to do in the living room while mom is working. Yes, even completely dismantling the couches and building a fence with the cushions and everything else in the room. Oh, to have endless amounts of energy, and the constant desire to create yes, I said, create.

What I see as utter destruction, they see as creating something new.

Oh, to be a toddler and do things so entirely instinctual and simple that you inspire your mom to write things while watching you being you.

Now, if youll excuse me, I have a fence to inspect and hopefully, add to.
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