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Orange snow falls across Eastern Europe, heres why
The same rule applies for orange snow, which blanketed many spots in Russia and Eastern Europe over the weekend. - photo by Herb Scribner

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Video and Editing by Lawrence Dorsey With additional footage by : Sgt. 1st Class Randall Pike - 3rd Infantry Division
By: By Lawrence Dorsey

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Orange snow blanketed many spots in Russia and Eastern Europe over the weekend after snowstorms picked up sand and dust before ravaging through Europe.

As The Independent reported, storms in northern Africa collected sand, dust and pollen from the Sahara Desert and blew it across Europe. The sand mixed with the rain and snow, which led to orange snow falling from the sky.

Steven Keates, of the Met Office, told The Independent that orange snow has fallen before in many places across the world.

There has been a lot of lifted sand or dust originating from North Africa and the Sahara, from sandstorms which have formed in the desert, he said.

Keates said the storms carried the sand into the upper layers of the atmosphere. The rain and snow then returned all of the dust and sand down to the ground during the storms.

The Athens Observatory told CNN on Friday that the orange snow was one of the largest transfers of desert sand to Greece from the Sahara ever.

Skiers and snowboards shared photos of the unusual scene, while others complained of sand in their mouths, according to BBC.

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