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The Clean Cut: This tiny beach house will make you never want to leave the ocean
Sometimes the best things come in small packages, just like this tiny beach house filled with one surprise after another. - photo by Brittany Binowski
Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

Colin Furze built a tiny beach house on the sand in England, complete with a clock, wall art and even a trap door that leads down to a "kids quarter."

The kids quarter has comic books, a beach ball and some toys. But that's not all. The tiny beach house has yet another trapdoor leading to an area perfect for parents to enjoy.

Furze is known for creating unusual inventions and breaking world records on his YouTube channel. But beware: Not all of his creations are safe for real-world regular use.

Furze had to take down the house shortly after it was built because "digging in sand is risky." He even said some people called this his "most dangerous project," according to his YouTube page.

Take a look at the beach hut on YouTube here.
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