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This is how much money your kid really owes you
Your kids have been running up their tab. Find out what their final bill will be. - photo by Melinda Fox
Your kid owes you. I mean, you carried her for nine months, changed those poopy diapers, and then there was that one time you were taking a drive in your friend's convertible and she threw up on the leather seats. She definitely owes you.

But apart from those nights you didn't sleep because you had to repeatedly banish monsters from your son's room and the counseling sessions you offered free of charge about how to redeem himself after he got stood up for that dance, how much money does your son actually owe you?

This calculator will determine what your kid's bill should actually be.

Spoiler alert: When she pays up, you may be able to invest in a nice yacht or a small home in the Bahamas.

With all the clothing, food, transportation, health care and education you provide over 18 years, on average a kid can cost a quarter of a million dollars. In other words (or actually in numbers), your kid is worth about $250,000 dollars. That's a lot of dollars.

But it's too bad there's not a calculator to determine how worth it they are -- because, at the end of the day, it's not about the money and it's not about lost sleep or lost time or unfinished goals. Some debts are easy to forgive.
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