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Valpack is putting $100 checks inside its envelopes for 2018. Here are your odds of winning
The company Valpack wants you to know that $100 could be waiting for you inside your mailbox, according to a press release. - photo by Herb Scribner
Be careful not to toss out that "junk mail" the next time it lands in your mailbox. The company Valpack wants you to know that $100 could be waiting for you inside that envelope crammed with coupons, according to a press release.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the company has stuffed $100 checks into random Valpak envelopes that are being distributed throughout the entire year in all 150 markets that mail out Valpak.

The checks are made out to cash and there are no strings attached. The company won't even ask for any personal information in order to cash the check.

Lia Jensen, the owner of a Valpak location in West Michigan, told Fox 17 that the company sends out these checks to thank its customers.

Its just an extra way for people to maybe get a free dinner," said Jensen. "We have a lot of great advertisers in our envelope, and if you find an extra $100, maybe you can use that at one of our advertisers.

And there is another motive behind the checks. The company wants you to open up that envelope and sort through the coupons to local restaurants and stores, USA Today reported.

Valpak has been sending out similar checks since 1988 in select markets. This is the first year that company has distributed the cash to all of its markets, though.

According to Valpak's website, the company distributes in 45 states, including Utah, and four Canadian provinces. The company is based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, with 160 local franchises.

Since the promotion began in January, you may have unknowingly tossed the cash. But you are not alone.

Jensen, in Michigan, is in one of those select markets that sent out checks last year. She said only eight of the 36 checks were cashed.

She said the odds of finding a check is one in 50,000.
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