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What married life behind all those gorgeous Instagram pictures really looks like
No Caption - photo by Amberlee Lovell
Lulu22qs Instagram consists of filtered images of her and her husband doing adventurous things in beautiful locations, which was somehow photographed every step of the way.

In short, its pretty average in the world of Instagram.

But with this one post, Lulu highlights the thing that anyone with a social media account wonders at some point: Is that what marriage is really supposed to look like? Is it going on frequent exotic vacations with picture perfect hair? Constantly seeming in a state of blissful matrimony? And if that is not what my marriage looks like, am I doing something wrong?

Lulus post offers a refreshing look at what really happens in a marriage when all of the filters are pulled off and there is no camera to smile for. And the most beautiful part? Those arguments and breakdowns are what make relationships grow. So dont think there is something wrong with yours.
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