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Walthourville offers residents curbside recycling
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In response to complaints about the county closing a recycling center in Walthourville last month, Walthourville Mayor Daisy Pray told the Courier that the city now offers its residents and sanitation customers who live outside the city curbside recycling. The service began Jan. 2, city clerk Juanita Johnson said.

Johnson said the city supplies its 1,220 sanitation customers with recycling collection bins for glass, newspapers, cardboard boxes and plastic at no cost to them.

“We don’t charge for the service,” Johnson said.

She said the monthly expense for the labor and the cart has not been calculated yet, but she added that staff will look at the city’s recycling expense every six months.

Liberty County Public Works Supervisor Clenton Wells said the county removed its recycling center bins, formerly located near Walthourville City Hall, on April 14.

The county has 11 recycling centers, Wells said.

“In addition to that, we have numerous business-, county- and city-owned buildings that recycle,” he said. “Our employees go around every week and empty the recycle bins and take the materials to Fort Stewart for them to be bundled and disposed of.”

Wells said recycling benefits residents because it translates into less waste in landfills and less the county pays in disposal fees.

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