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Who Screams?
Liberty Foodie

As temperatures outside climb it’s time to ditch the chili and soups and head on over to the ice cream isle.
Ice cream? That’s not a healthy meal.

Well sorry, but I beg to differ.
I’m willing to wager that my ice cream is a far better choice than your Quarter Pounder with cheese or Whopper.
I love Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers and Haagen-Daz brands.
Hey why settle for one brand! The more the merrier, right?
And those three brands are making efforts to make my cold and creamy indulgence better for my body.

Okay, a tad bit healthier.

Take for example Haagen-Daz. Its ice cream has always been produced without using artificial ingredients, gums or stabilizers. But in 2016 it took things one step further producing nine flavors without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Those flavors included chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, coffee, pineapple coconut, chocolate-chocolate chip, rum raisin, strawberry, vanilla and vanilla bean.
I’m a sucker for all things chocolate and can attest to the fact that their non-GMO chocolate-chocolate chip and regular chocolate were just as tasty, if not better, than their regular product.

Breyers’ brand has long taken pride on using simple ingredients for better flavor. It also decided to start producing flavors that are non-GMO, use milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones and use sustainably farmed fruits and vanilla.
I think my all-time favorite Breyers’ flavor is rocky road, or maybe their chocolate truffle, or both mixed together.
Both brands offer gluten free, dairy free, nut free options as well as sorbets. Breyers also has half the fat options, lactose free and fat free flavors.

Ben & Jerry’s was based on creating a more socially conscious ice cream. It started the non-GMO movement long before other brands and was the first to fight against the use of milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones. Ben & Jerry’s respects fair trade for farmers, advocates for civil rights and environmental issues and sustainable food systems.

Right now, Ben & Jerry’s has developed something I can truly stand behind and support. I don’t understand why this wasn’t developed sooner as it brings together the best of two of my worlds.
This year, Ben & Jerry’s released a new flavor called Urban Bourbon.

Heck yeah!

Ben & Jerry’s describes it as a burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes and bourbon infused caramel swirls.
Yes, please. That sounds like something perfect. Enough to satisfy my taste for whiskey and love of ice cream, with no hangover to boot.
And, of course, imitation is the best form of flattery so Haagen-Daz has thrown a bourbon infused flavor into its repertoire.
It is set to release their bourbon praline pecan soon.

That just sounds like Georgia in a bourbon cup to me. Can’t wait.

Now I just need Breyers to jump on the bandwagon. Either that or develop my own.

I wonder how a Breyers’ extra creamy vanilla and Not Your Father’s Root Beer float would taste.
All that creamy vanilla ice cream covered in that new tasty adult beverage that duplicates your childhood root beer, but with 10.7 percent alcohol per volume.
Sounds like Heaven to me.
I’ll let you know how the experiment went.

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