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YMCA sets Swim-a-thon
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Either by backstroke, sidestroke or doggie paddle, the YMCA of Coastal Georgia is looking to make a splash in their Priceless Gifts Campaign during its Swim-a-thon Saturday.
After a wave of more than $2 million during last year's campaign, the organization will do a flip turn and give it back to the community.
The money raised will go toward scholarships to help maintain the YMCA's "no turn away" policy, according to aquatics department director Nicole Fairfield.
The policy and scholarships allow "people throughout the year that weren't able to go, are able to," Fairfield said.
Those include the disabled, senior citizens and low-income families.
Saturday, from 9 to 10 a.m. swimmers of all ability levels are invited to swim sponsored laps. Flat rate donations and corporate sponsors are also welcomed.
Participants should come with someone to count their laps.
Call Fairfield at 368-5302 for more information. Deadline for sign up is today.
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