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Life in Liberty: Q&A with Douglas Harn, pastor, Victory Assembly of God
Photo by Kayla
Pastor Douglas Harn says that Daisy Jones follows Christ's example of serving others. - photo by Kayla Rand

Q: How do you know Daisy Jones?

A: I have known Daisy for several years now, not sure how many. I would say over six years. I serve with her on a couple of boards and have worked with her through the Homeless Coalition.

Q: What do you think motivates her to serve?

A: Daisy is one of those people who has a desire to serve. She follows Christ’s example and words with, “I have not come to be served but to serve.” It is a part of her DNA to serve.

Q: How are you involved with the Re-Entry Coalition?

A: I have become a co-laborer in the re-entry program by working with Kirk Healing Center’s Prison Re-Entry Housing Partnership. We work together (to) provide a second chance for those who have served their time and (are) now looking for new future in life.

Q: What can community members do to contribute to the program?

A: Community members can help with the program by providing jobs and an opportunity to get a fresh start. They can also help by providing transportation, clothing and just simple support and encouragement.

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