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Life in Liberty: Q&A with Richard D. Hayes, pastor of New Day Community Church
Pastor Richard D. Hayes - photo by Photo provided.

Q: What is your name and job title?
A: Richard D. Hayes, pastor of New Day Community Church and air traffic control specialist.

Q: How do you know Pastor Hermon Scott?
A: Pastor Scott and I developed a friendship while working together on various projects through the United Ministerial Alliance of Liberty County.

Q: What makes him stand out in our community?
A: Pastor Scott has always displayed a heart for the community, and his consistent efforts have won him great respect amongst his peers. One of his favorite scriptures is Matthew 25:35-36, which talks about feeding, clothing and caring for those in need. He lives his life to help others and has become a champion of the less fortunate.

Q: How has he impacted your life personally?
A: I believe that one of the best things you could ever say about a leader is that they set the example. For me, Pastor Scott has always set the example and gave me the guidance I needed to succeed. He has been a pivotal influence for my family and I since we moved into the area over 10 years ago. My wife and children love him because of the sincere concern and love he has shown each of us. As I continue to serve in the community, I often glean from Pastor Scott’s wealth of wisdom and for a historical perspective of local events.

Q: What motivates him to serve our community?
A: Pastor Scott simply loves people! I see the same huge smile and loving attitude, whether he’s playing with a small child or engaging a senior citizen. This love for people, I believe, empowers and motivates him to serve, and we’re a better community because of it.

Q: What do you think defines success?
A: I think success is defined by setting and achieving your goals. I believe Pastor Scott’s military background keeps him in a mindset of “accomplishing the mission,” and he effectively uses his tools and resources to ensure his community mission is completely successful.

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