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About the LCPC
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So what is this Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission which has generated so much attention?
The LCPC is a nine-member body of Liberty County residents, that was formed Jan. 1, 2005, to replace the Liberty County Joint Planning Commission and the Hinesville Planning and Zoning Commission; and provide plans, zoning and related services to the smaller municipalities.
The nine members are chosen by a specially created appointment board that must find appointees with the special backgrounds specified in the ordinance.
Members representing education, real estate development, building and construction, business management, and general industry or industrial management are required, along with at least one professional in the field of natural resources or environmental.
The judgment of the appointment board is final in the case of the qualifications of the LCPC members in their various fields.
No more than four members of the LCPC can be from any one municipality, and no more than four can be from the unincorporated area of the county. No member can be an employee or official of any local government.
In the ordinance creating the LCPC and abolishing the former city and county planning and zoning bodies, a new board was established for the purpose of naming members of the new commission.
The appointment board for the LCPC is composed of the LCPC's own chair, eight elected officials and the chairman of the Liberty County Development Authority. The individuals may be represented by designees.
The garrison commander of Fort Stewart is an ex officio, non-voting member. Other members include the chairman of the Liberty County Commission and the chairman of the Board of Education.
The mayors of Liberty's seven municipalities - Midway, Riceboro, Hinesville, Walthourville, Gum Branch, Allenhurst and Flemington - are the remaining members of the appointing board.
The board chooses a chairman each year and Mayor Sandra Martin of Flemington in the current chair.
The current members of the LCPC are:
James Thomas, chair
Jack Waters, vice chair
Durand Standard
Deloris Gaulden
Melice Hamilton
Lynn Pace
Graylan Quarterman
Susan Strickland
Don Hartley
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