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Baked chicken comment lands Hinesville man in hot water with girlfriend
Hinesville Police Department incident reports
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:

 Simple battery: An officer was sent April 18 to a Stewart Way Apartments address “in reference to a domestic in progress,” a report said.

There, he met with a man who said his girlfriend “who has resided with him at the above location for the past four months became upset over a comment he made about chicken she baked in the oven.”

The man said they were talking “while she was soaking in the bath tub. He said when he commented on her baked chicken making him sick, she became upset and exited the tub to continue arguing with him,” the report said. “(He) advised (she) started gathering her clothing and got dressed. She made several verbal threats to have some male friends come to his residence and fight him. (He) said prior to leaving the scene, (she) accused him of taking her cell phone and car keys. He said she became irate and tossed a cordless hand held drill through the living room window and shattering the glass onto the living room floor. (she) said as she stood outside, she started to throw pieces of glass through the window toward (his) direction attempting to strike him.”

The man said after a few tries, she was able to hit him, cutting his forearm.

The man said she then drove away, maybe to Jacksonville, Fla. “He said (the woman) also may have his house key in her possession.”

He was given a case number, etc.


Fraud: A man told HPD on April 5 he got a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS who told him “he owed $4,000,” a report said. “(The man) stated he recently filed his taxes and panicked The suspect stated he could file make a payment today to settle the issue.”
In short, the thief said the victim could pay $1,000 using a Google Chrome app.  He did, then “several minutes after completing the call another number appeared to be calling him. This time (he) stated it was ‘911’ and that they had a warrant for his arrest since the full amount was not paid.”

The man went to HPD to report the scam and gave police the numbers of the men who claimed to be IRS agents. 


Simple battery: An officer was sent to Liberty Regional Medical center around 7:30 p.m. April 12 regarding a claim of a simple assault at Countryside Mobile Home Park. At the ER, he met with woman who said she was in town for a funeral when she got into a fight with a woman who “grabbed her hair and punched her several times in the face and kicked her in the hips.”

The woman said she doesn’t know what caused the fight and said the woman who attacked her is from Texas. The woman also said she wasn’t sure at what trailer park the fight took place. The officer checked at Countryside but could find no witnesses or suspect. He also said the woman didn’t have any injuries and “did not have any further questions or concerns.”


Theft by taking: A woman reported April 12 that an acquaintance came over to her Deerwood Court home “and began a conversation about dinner ideas,” a report said. “(The two women) talked for a while about the matter and then (the acquaintance) asked if she could use the bathroom.”

While the acquaintance was in there, the complainant “heard the water running before (the acquaintance) flushed the toilet. (Complainant) thought that suspicious,” the report continued. “After using the bathroom, (the acquaintance) attempted to leave the residence quickly.”

Later, the complainant noticed about 30 of her prescription pain pills were missing. “(She) said the pills were in the bathroom that (the acquaintance) had been using. (Complainant) then told (acquaintance) she was calling police about the matter.”

The officer then spoke to the acquaintance, who denied taking the pills and told her accuser “if she was going to take pills, she would take three or four not 30,” then left.

Both women agreed to stay away from each other.


Distributing obscene materials: A woman reported April 13 that “her ex-husband … sent her new husband an Instagram picture of her breast.”
The woman said she’s involved a custody battle with her ex, who “told her that he has more pictures of her and if she does not follow what he wants pertaining the child custody he would send more pictures of her nude.”

The woman said she and her new husband blocked her ex-husband, “but she does not know if (her ex) sent those pictures out to anyone else.”

She confirmed the photo was of her breast and was given a case number.


Stalking: A Cove Street woman reported April 13 that her son was playing with a remote control car given to him by his paternal grandparents when he dropped the car “and a black object fell out from underneath the bottom of it,” a report said. “When she examined the object she noticed the brand name ‘Spytec’ on the back of it. She said when she searched the internet for Spytec, she discovered the object is a tracking device. (She) said she called the telephone number for Spytec and spoke with a representative to see why the device was in the toy. She said she was advised by the representative that she needed to contact her local police department before any information about the device could be released.”

The device, a GPS tracker, had not been turned on “when it was discovered.” The woman couldn’t give police an accurate address for the child’s father, the report said. The tracking device was put into an evidence locker.


Criminal trespass: A Brantley Drive woman reported April 15 that a young, tall black male “had jumped on the hood of her vehicle and left a large dent in the hood. (She) said stated she knew the boy, and believes his name was ‘Maurice.’ (She) stated she believes he lived (at another address nearby).”
The officer saw the dent, gave the woman a case number and then went to the address she gave him. “The resident (there) stated he knew no one by the name of Maurice and is unfamiliar with the incident,” the officer reported. “I then cleared the area.”


Simple battery: On April 18 police were sent to a Palmetto Trace address regarding a “verbal dispute.”
There, they met a woman “who stated that she was kicking her daughter … out of her home,” a report said. “(The mother) said she came home around 0600 and saw her daughter up and doing nothing so she told (her daughter) to get her clothes out of her vehicle and her daughter refused. She stated that during the argument (the mother) sat her daughter’s belongings out in the middle of the yard. (The daughter) then retaliated and threw (the mother’s) belongings out in the yard. (The mother) then stated that (the daughter) shut the front door to the home and locked it. (The mother) admitted to kicking in the door trying to get back inside. During the altercation ( the mother) said (her daughter) was trying to close the door on her while her arm was still in the door which led to a small cut on her knuckle.”

The daughter pretty much backed up her mother’s story. Nobody wanted to press charges and the daughter was packing up and leaving as police got ready to go.




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