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Bodies found in fire remnants
What's left: A cowboy hat hangs on the pole of a makeshift clothes line, one of the few items left intact at the site where a fire took the lives of three people. - photo by Andrea Washington / Coastal Courier


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Live Oak Church Road resident Lydia Nam said she woke up at 2 and 3 a.m. Wednesday, and didn't know why since her alarm clock was set for 5:30.
Nam believes she learned the reason at about 7:45, when she saw her neighbors' home had burned overnight.
What she didn't know at the time was three people had been inside the singlewide mobile home at the time of the fire.
Their bodies were discovered after Hinesville firefighters arrived on the scene at about 7:41 a.m., according to authorities.
"I feel so bad," Nam said, noting she wished she could have done something to help the people in the home. "Twice the Holy Spirit tried to tell me."
Liberty County Fire Coordinator James Ashdown said the mobile home had been reduced to smoldering rubble, and apparently been burning for several hours before the fire department was notified.
He said the blaze most likely went undetected because the home could not be seen from the main road.
When firefighters arrived, all that was left to do was try to extinguish hot spots.
Although the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, Ashdown said there's nothing that makes him suspect arson.
Regarding the three people who perished in the blaze, he said two bodies were found in a rear bedroom, and a third was later discovered near the front door.
The ages, sex and identities of the deceased were unknown. The bodies were sent to the GBI crime lab in Savannah for autopsy.
"We really don't know anything for sure right now, as far as names," Liberty County Coroner Reginald Pierce said. "There will be a routine autopsy at the GBI lab tomorrow (Thursday) and, hopefully, that will help with making positive identification."
Nam said a middle-aged couple was renting the home at the time of the fire - something confirmed by two other individuals at the scene who declined to identify themselves.
They said the couple had moved in about eight months ago, and noted there were no children staying there.
The home was located in the 200 block of Live Oak Church Road.
Watch for updates as this story unfolds.

Staff writer Andrea Washington contributed information to this story.
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