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BoE asks public to help name stadium
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The Liberty County school board is inviting public comment on the name for the new stadium being constructed at Liberty County High School.
People wanting to suggest a name for the stadium can mail the school board at 200 Bradwell St., Hinesville, GA 31313 or enter their suggestion in a Courier blog at
BoE Chairman Lily Baker said she wanted the process to be as open as possible and she hopes a lot of people will come forward with proposed names. Suggestions will be received through Oct. 5.
The subject had been discussed at a previous meeting and members’ opinions had not changed. Baker, Charlie Frasier and Mattie Hicks favor honoring Woods.
Board member Harold Woods, brother of Donell Woods, has not cast a formal vote, but said he was willing to go along.
Board members Carol Guyett, Marcia Anderson and Becky Carter oppose naming the stadium after an individual.  
Alumni of the old Liberty County High School had suggested it be named in honor of Donnell Woods, an LCHS alumnus who later taught there and at Bradwell Institute.
Some board members were willing to invite public comment on the stadium’s name; others said they were reluctant “to open that can of worms.”
Some board members and LCHS Principal Paula Scott said they had thought the name of the stadium was Liberty County High School. She said members of the faculty felt the same way.
Member Becky Carter said adopting the Woods’ name would bring all kinds of naming proposals for different facilities. She reminded the group they had rejected a proposal to name the board’s new central office in honor of popular veteran board chairman Barney Rocker.
“It’s not anything negative about Donnell Woods or Barney Rocker,” she said.
Member Mattie Hicks said, “The only thing I regret is that we did not discuss this in closed session.”


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