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BoE compiles list of possible cuts
Jason Rogers
District CFO Jason Rogers - photo by Courier file photo

The Liberty County BoE received a list of budget cutting items to consider at its March meeting Tuesday.
According to the list, cuts could be made both in schools and at the board.
“The listing that was presented was a compilation of various cuts proposed by administrators, principals and BOE members,” Assistant Superintendent Jason Rogers said. “At this point they are just that, proposals.”
The largest cut proposed ($4 million) would affect the BoE’s reserve fund, if passed.
“For many years the BOE has transferred approximately $4 million annually of local funds into their capital projects/construction account,” Rogers said. “If state revenue is drastically cut, the BoE will rely more heavily on local funds to pick up services and items previously funded with state dollars, thus leaving fewer local dollars to supplement construction funding.”
Other possible large cuts include reducing technology purchases, delaying buying new buses, replacing PrymeTyme (afterschool program) and a reorganization of the curriculum department (including freezing the executive director position and reassigning responsibilities).
A few personnel cuts are also listed, including a re-evaluation or possible elimination of school nurses.
Rogers said no decisions have been made and the board will review the proposals at a March 31 work session.
“All of the items listed on the sheet are just proposals. The board has taken no specific action on any item,” he said.
On the positive side, the board will receive some stimulus funds from the federal government. Those funds, however, come with specific regulations so will not ease shortages enough to prevent cuts.
The board will receive just over $2 million under Title 1 to help at-risk and low-income students.

The following is the list of proposals supplied by the BoE at Tuesday’s meeting:

• Reduce para. sub. positions to only one per school — $180,000
• Reduce ISS para’s. to one per location — $63,000
• Reduce technology allotment — $500,000
• Eliminate transfer of local funds into capital projects — $4,000,000
• Eliminate system athletic trainer department — $97,000
• Delay bus purchases — $630,000
• Delay text book purchases (buy workbooks instead) — $500,000
• Replace PrymeTyme with BoE operated before/after school programs or continue to allow PrymeTyme but increase rental fees — $800,000
• Eliminate middle school sports — $35,000
• Reduce central office operating budgets by 5 percent (supplies, travel, etc.) — $205,000
• Eliminate STAR — $231,000
• Eliminate non-required field trips — $313,000
• Reduce number of buses for athletic competitions — $119,000
• Eliminate system level expenditures for athletics (security, clean up, crossing guards, etc.) — $73,000
• Reduce board member travel and related per diem — $33,500
• Eliminate middle school resource officers and related programs — $108,000
• Eliminate driver’s education — $181,000
• Change media program at PreK (change to “Instructional Coach/Literacy Transition” pay with Title I stimulus
Option 1: eliminate completely — $65,900
Option 2: replace with media para. — $37,000
• Reorganize PreK administration — $37,000
• Reorganize school nurses (staffing of nurses could be picked up out of QBE stimulus funds)
Option 1: Do away with program — $468,000
Option 2: Employ seven nurses and one coordinator — ($288,000)
Option 3: Employ 12 and one coordinator — ($468,000)
Option 4: Fully staff — ($698,000)
• Eliminate maintenance and operation rotation items (paint, carpet, playground, etc.) — $515,000
• Reorganize personnel department — $31,800
• Reorganize of curriculum department — $405,000

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